Julia Hesse

Postdoc at IBM Research - Zurich

IBM Research
Säumerstr. 4
8803 Rüschlikon
juliahesse2 (at) gmail.com
I'm interested in cryptography, algebra and everything in between and around these topics. My research focuses on provably secure public key cryptography and multilinear maps. Before becoming a Postdoc at IBM, I was a Postdoc at TU Darmstadt and ENS Paris and a PhD student at KIT under the supervision of Dennis Hofheinz. I studied mathematics at KIT.



  • Multi-Party Virtual State Channels
    Eurocrypt 2019, with Stefan Dziembowski, Lisa Eckey, Sebastian Faust and Kristina Hostáková


  • On Tightly Secure Non-Interactive Key Exchange
    Crypto 2018, with Dennis Hofheinz and Lisa Kohl
    (Full Version)
  • Fuzzy Password-Authenticated Key Exchange
    Eurocrypt 2018, with Pierre-Alain Dupont, David Pointcheval, Leonid Reyzin and Sophia Yakoubov
    (Full Version)
  • Graded Encoding Schemes from Obfuscation
    PKC 2018, with Pooya Farshim, Dennis Hofheinz and Enrique Larraia
    (Full Version)


  • Reconfigurable Cryptography: A flexible approach to long-term security
    TCC 2016-A, with Dennis Hofheinz and Andy Rupp
    (Full Version)


  • Polynomial Spaces: A New Framework for Composite-to-Prime-Order Transformations
    CRYPTO 2014, with Gottfried Herold, Dennis Hofheinz, Carla Ràfols and Andy Rupp
    (Full Version) (Slides)
  • Universally Composable Non-Interactive Key Exchange. SCN 2014, with Eduarda S.V. Freire and Dennis Hofheinz
    (Full Version)

Program Commitees

TCC, IMACC, CANS (2019), PKC, CANS (2018)

Organized Events

CrossFyre 2019, co-located with Eurocrypt 2019 at TU Darmstadt

Teaching (mostly in german)